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Yvonne is running for State Senate to bring real change and deliver for communities across California's 25th Senate District.


Yvonne's family immigrated to the United States from Hong Kong when she was 16, following the passing of her father. Her family struggled to make ends meet, and her mother worked in a factory to take care of Yvonne and her sisters. 

While learning English, Yvonne had to work tirelessly to catch up academically to her peers. She often stayed up late to study after working in a local store to help support her family. 


Ever since then, Yvonne has been a firm believer that the American dream should be accessible for everyone including women, communities of color, immigrants and young people.

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Yvonne went on to attend UCLA and earned a degree in Economics, later obtaining an MBA from Loyola Marymount University. Yvonne also earned a CRCP designation from Wharton Business School at the University of Pennsylvania and holds 12 FINRA securities licenses.

As a local business leader, Yvonne has extensive experience in financial management. She opened her own firm with over $1 billion in assets under her management – all before the age of 40. She previously served as a financial advisor at Charles Schwab and Citibank, Branch Manager at E*Trade and as a Regional Manager at Merrill Lynch where she oversaw 5 international branches, 53 financial advisors and $4 billion in assets.

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Yvonne currently serves as a Monterey Park City Councilwoman where she is focused on protecting working families, strengthening our economy and building safer communities. Tragedy struck the Monterey Park community in January 2023, when a mass shooting occurred at the Star Ballroom Dance Studio. Yvonne was scheduled to attend the event where the shooting occurred, but was unable to attend last minute. In the months since, Yvonne has been an outspoken advocate for commonsense gun reform to prevent future tragedies from occurring.

Yvonne is the mom of twin 4-year-old boys and a 22-year-old son who is in the UC San Diego Medical School MD/PhD program.

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