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Sasha Peréz and her allies are lying about Yvonne Yiu's record.


Yvonne Yiu is 100% Pro-Choice.

Sasha Pérez is lying about Yvonne Yiu's record on abortion. In fact, Yvonne Yiu introduced a resolution committing the City of Monterey Park to supporting abortion rights, on April 6th, 2022. Read the resolution here.

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Yvonne Yiu is committed to fighting for common sense gun safety laws.

The day of the 2023 Monterey Park mass shooting, Yvonne Yiu was supposed to be at the dance studio where the shooting happened. She did not make it there, and friends of hers were gunned down and murdered at the event. Yvonne realized she was given a second chance to live, and that she needed to use that chance to fight gun violence, and that is just what she has done. You can watch a video on her story here.

Since then she has been a leader on the City Council in combating gun violence, including:

  • Leading the city to express its support for an amendment to the U.S. constitution to combat gun violence [1] 

  • Voted to support measures raising the minimum age to buy a gun, banning assault weapons, and mandating national background checks and waiting periods. [1]

  • Voted to support a tax on ammunition, gun violence restraining orders, and other actions to combat gun violence. [2]

It is shameful and offensive that Sasha Pérez is attempting to attack Yvonne Yiu for her record on gun violence, when Yvonne is the only candidate in this race who has led a city through the tragedy of mass shootings, and is the only candidate in this race with a record delivering meaningful gun reforms.


Yvonne Yiu is a proud Democrat.

Yvonne Yiu is a proud Democrat, a fact you can see on your own ballot, despite opponents' attempts to smear her and claim she isn't. That's why she's endorsed by progressive Democrats like Congresswoman Judy Chu, Assemblymember Mike Fong, Attorney General Rob Bonta, and State Treasurer Fiona Ma. [3]

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